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Agonists, antagonists, antibodies, fluorescent tools…but Hello Bio is more than a catalogue of life science tools. We are a team of researchers and scientists, who genuinely want to support and promote life science research. Everything we do has this at its heart – we strive to make our range as affordable as possible, we listen to what you want, and we contribute financially where we can, to travel awards, conferences and studentships.

travel grants available from Hello BioTravel grants available now  - it’s easy and quick to apply!

We are delighted to announce that every month we award a travel grant of $500.

There are no complicated rules or terms and conditions – you just need to be a post-graduate attending a relevant conference, and be able to tell us why you think you deserve it. However, to make it fair to all, there are a few requirements:

  • you need to be a current post-graduate
  • you must provide a detailed breakdown of what the money will be used for, and what funding (if any) you have already obtained. Things we are looking for are direct travel costs, or registration fees - not your beer supply for the week!
  • you must provide details of the conference and a short paragraph about why it is important for you to attend
  • and finally - we will need a short statement from your supervisor / PI to confirm your application (by separate email, and not from a personal email account)

Assuming the above requirements are met, we will enter you into the monthly draw. Your application and your PI's confirmation statement should be emailed to and we will let you know if you are successful.

  • One travel award will be allocated every month.
  • A draw will be made on the first Thursday of each month – so just make sure your application is in before then.
  • Winners will be notified immediately and announced monthly.
  • If winners are presenting, we ask that you acknowledge Hello Bio's financial support on your poster, or in your communication, and send us a copy.
  • You may enter each month but to be fair to all - if you win a travel award, you will not be eligible to enter again for a period of 12 months.
  • As is usual with these sorts of things - we do reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

Good luck!

Sandrine Wauters, Hello Bio travel award winnerDecember 2016 Winner

Sandrine Wauters is a postdoctoral research associate working at Queen Square Brain Bank at UCL, working under the supervision of Dr Tammaryn Lashley. Sandrine is researching mechanisms involved in Frontotemporal dementia and the award will help to fund her trip to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease conference in Vienna on 29th March 2017, where she has been asked to deliver an oral presentation on her work.

In December 2016, I submitted my first ever application to Hellobio travel grant monthly draw. I was thrilled when I was told that I was successful in that month’s draw and that I would be awarded $500 towards my trip to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease conference. This is a huge support for me as this is the first international conference I have been asked to deliver an oral presentation on my work. This will be an invaluable experience as a post-doc starting my career in dementia research. Thank you very much for supporting me in my career! Sandrine Wauters, UCL, UK, Hello Bio travel award winner

Sandeep Sharma, Hello Bio travel award winnerNovember 2016 Winner

Sandeep Sharma is a post-doctoral research associate working in the lab of Prof. Patrick Whelan at the University of Calgary, Canada. He is examining the role of descending neural circuits in control of locomotion in health and disease. In particular his project is aimed at studying the connectivity of dopaminergic A13 cells of the subthalamic locomotor region with downstream locomotor regions such as the mesencephalic locomotor region, medullary reticular formation and the lumbar spinal cord in mice. He is using DREADDs and Optogenetics to test the role of A13 dopaminergic cells in locomotion. The award will help to fund his trip to SFN and his oral talk in nanosymposium at SFN.

Pellegrino Lippiello, Hello Bio travel award winnerOctober 2016 Winner

Pellegrino Lippiello is a post-doc working in the laboratory of Professor Maria Concetta Miniaci at the Department of Phamacy at the University of Naples. He is studying the role of GIRK channels on Purkinje cell excitability and synaptic transmission in mouse cerebellum. The award will help to fund his trip to “The cerebellum inside out: cells, circuits and functions” course.

Many thanks Hello Bio!! I am very happy to receive the travel grant for attending the course "The cerebellum inside out: cells, circuits and functions". This meeting represents a great opportunity for me to expand my knowledge on the physiology of the cerebellum and the pathogenesis of cerebellum-dependent diseases. In addition, it will give me the possibility to meet international groups of research and eventually start new collaborations. Pellegrino Lippiello, University of Naples, Italy, Hello Bio travel award winner

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