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Affordable life science tools you can really trust

neurones, chromosomes, cellsHello Bio – what’s it all about?

Agonists, antagonists, inhibitors, antibodies, peptides, fluorescent tools…but Hello Bio is more than a catalogue of life science tools. We are a team of researchers and scientists, who genuinely want to support and promote life science research. Everything we do has this at its heart – we strive to make our range as affordable as possible, we listen to what you want, and we contribute financially where we can, to travel awards, grants and bursaries.  Not forgetting - we insist on the best quality possible: for products, for service and for technical support.

Trusted affordable results- whilst supporting science – what could be better?

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Hello BioPromise quality guaranteeThe Hello BioPromise

You can trust that we will always offer the best quality products – our products are tested rigorously, both in house and by external suppliers and customers, using a whole host of chemical and biological techniques. These include HPLC, chiral HPLC, NMR, microanalysis, optical rotation, electrophysiological assays, Western blots and more. If you are not completely happy with the quality of your product, we will offer a replacement or full refund, including delivery charges. The process is straight forward and hassle free – simply contact our Customer Service team who will sort it all out for you. 

Hello Bio price pledgeAffordability and fair pricing – our price pledge

As scientists ourselves, we appreciate that it’s tough obtaining research grants and funding. We want to support your research in every way we can, and so work hard to offer highly competitive prices for our products. How do we do this? Lots of ways really – firstly, we try to reduce our costs to bring the price down for you – perhaps by changing packaging, formulation, pack sizes, suppliers or the manufacturing process. Or, it may mean reduced margins – and that’s fine by us too (up to a point!). But, we will not compromise on quality – ever. The bottom line is that, overall, the prices we offer are fair and competitive – Hello Bio prices are around 25 % less than other suppliers such as Tocris Bioscience or Sigma Aldrich. And rest assured, we have a dedicated team regularly checking prices against other life science suppliers to make sure that we are giving you the best deal wherever we can.