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Perlapine hydrochloride - an exclusive new DREADD ligand

By Sam Roome 14 days ago 85 Views No comments

Introducing perlapine hydrochloride (water soluble) - a new DREADD agonist, exclusive to Hello Bio!

Travel award winner Young Kim

By Sam Roome 22 days ago 188 Views No comments

Say hello to our July 2017 travel award winner Young Kim...

First photoactive mGlu5 receptor NAM analgesic

By Sam Roome 1 month ago 339 Views No comments

Here's an exclusive for you - the first photoactive mGlu5 NAM that shows analgesic effects in vivo. A bit of 'razzle-dazzle' with caged-raseglurant!

An alternative to CNO? Water soluble Compound 21 (DREADD agonist 21)

By Sam Roome 1 month ago 379 Views 1 comment

Do you work with DREADDs? If so you may be interested in our exciting new product launch - a possible alternative to clozapine N-oxide (water-soluble)...

Search with a list to find products quickly

By Sam Roome 2 months ago 409 Views 1 comment

Try our Quick Multi-Search tool to find lots of products quickly. Just type or paste a list of product names in - and the multi-search feature will do the rest...

Travel award winner Nicola Corbett

By Sam Roome 2 months ago 9146 Views No comments

Say hello to Nicola Corbett- our latest travel award winner! Nicola works with Professor Nigel Hooper...

Cesium gluconate - 'ready made' for intracellular solutions

By Sam Roome 2 months ago 892 Views 1 comment

Calling all electrophysiologists - check out our new product launch - ready-made cesium gluconate...

Clozapine N-oxide (water soluble) - all your questions answered!

By Sam Roome 3 months ago 743 Views 1 comment

How long does clozapine N-oxide stay stable in solution? What is the best way to solublise it? Is it light sensitive? Our chemists have been hard at work - carrying out detailed investigations into the solubility and stability of Clozapine N-oxide (water soluble). The result is worth reading - an exclusive technical review on Clozapine N-oxide (water soluble). It aims to answer all your questions on solubility, storage and handling, including results from our in-house tests, and guidelines on use in the lab...

Say hello at the XIII European Meeting on Glial Cells in Health and Disease

By Sam Roome 3 months ago 503 Views No comments

Hello Bio is supporting international neuroglia researchers by exhibiting at the XIII European Meeting on Glial Cells in Health and Disease. Our Head of Product Development James Flanaghan will be there to say hello - and as always - he has lots of Hello Bio goody bags to give away!

In a muddle with molarities? Let our calculator help you!

By Sam Roome 3 months ago 622 Views No comments

Do you get in a muddle with molarity calculations? Don't worry - help is at hand with the Hello Bio Molarity Calculator...