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Interviews with Scientists: Adriana Humanes

By Sam Roome 6 days ago 275 Views No comments

When we asked Twitter whether any scientists would like to be interviewed about their work, we were excited when Adriana Humanes got in touch as we were so interested to hear more about both her research and her advocacy work for gender equality in STEM. Find out what she had to say...

Interviews with Scientists: Dr. Chinmaya Sadangi

By Sam Roome 8 days ago 4104 Views No comments

We’ve followed Dr. Chinmaya Sadangi on Twitter (@addictivebrain) for a while now, and it was our pleasure to interview him for our Interviews with Scientists series! Read his interview...

Interviews with Scientists: Brittany Berdy

By Sam Roome 8 days ago 958 Views No comments

We first “met” Brittany on Twitter while we were perusing the #LabLife hashtag, and we loved her tweets from the lab so much that we invited her to speak to us for our Interviews with Scientists series. And we’re delighted that she said yes! Find out what she had to say...

Surviving a Bomb Cyclone: Tales from the US Office

By Sam Roome 8 days ago 306 Views No comments

Our Head of US Operations Paula Klockner had a difficult day in the office...find out what happened, and get a glimpse of how dedicated the Hello Bio team really is!

Top Ten Science News Accounts to Follow on Twitter

By Sam Roome 13 days ago 382 Views No comments

Are you an avid science news reader like us? If you’re reading this, of course you are! We’ve put together a Science News list of all our favourite accounts, which you can subscribe to here, and in this post we’ve rounded up our ten favourite accounts.

Meet Our Lab Heroes Awards Runner-Up: Pinggan Li

By Sam Roome 1 month ago 262 Views No comments

Time to meet our second runner-up in the Lab Heroes Awards 2017! Of the many brilliant awards entries we received, our Scientific Advisory Board felt that Pinggan Li’s nomination really stood out...

Travel Award Winner Jennifer Martin

By Sam Roome 1 month ago 495 Views No comments

Our November travel award winner is Jennifer Martin, a PhD student working in David Dietz’s Lab at SUNY at Buffalo. Find out about her win...

Interviews with Scientists: Lucka Bibic

By Sam Roome 1 month ago 2595 Views No comments

In our latest Interviews with Scientists, we spoke to the brilliant Lucka Bibic (aka ‘Spiderwoman’) - find out more!

Interviews with Scientists: Dr Tim Mosca

By Sam Roome 1 month ago 1025 Views No comments

For the latest in our Interviews with Scientists series, it was brilliant to have the opportunity to speak with Dr. Tim Mosca PhD, Principal Investigator at the Mosca Lab at Jefferson University, Philadelphia.

Dr. Mosca has a PhD from Harvard and completed his postdoctoral study at Stanford. He is described by his colleagues as: “Our fearless leader. He makes sure we have direction, money, baked goods, and mentorship. He's *kind of* a big deal.” Find out what he had to say to Hello Bio when we interviewed him...

Meet Our Lab Heroes Awards Runner-Up: Vanessa Charrier

By Sam Roome 1 month ago 360 Views No comments

While it was a tough decision to choose just three scientists from all the amazing Lab Heroes Awards entries we received, our Scientific Advisory Board selected Vanessa Charrier of Inserm, France as one of our two first runners-up. Find out more about her!