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Interviews with Scientists: Marco Sancandi

By Sam Roome 2 months ago 659 Views No comments

Next in our Interviews with Scientists series, we meet Marco Sancandi who is just completing the second year of his PhD at the UCL School of Pharmacy...

10 Tips to Create More Efficiency in the Lab

By Hanne Leysen, Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Antwerp 2 months ago 3617 Views No comments

Trying to improve your efficiency in the lab? Hanne Leyson, from the University of Antwerp shares some great advice on how to work smarter, not harder in the laboratory...

Interviews with Scientists: Professor Frances Separovic

By Sam Roome 2 months ago 1491 Views No comments

Next in our interviews with scientists series, we were honored to speak to the eminent Professor Frances Separovic! Frances is a Biophysical Chemist based at the Bio21 Institute, University of Melbourne, Australia. Here she gives us a candid and fascinating interview about her journey in science.

Meet our Latest Travel Award Winner Alice Filippini

By Sam Roome 2 months ago 610 Views No comments

Alice Filippini is a researcher working at the University of Brescia and is researching Parkinsons Disease. Alice is planning a trip to the 18th National Congress of the Italian Society for Neuroscience, and here she tells us a bit more about what she is working on in the lab...

Interviews with Scientists: Sophie Millar

By Sam Roome 2 months ago 883 Views No comments

Next in our Interviews with Scientists, meet Sophie Millar! Just on the cusp of submitting her thesis at the University of Nottingham, Sophie tells us more about her PhD journey, her challenges and shares her advice to those just starting their own PhDs.

Sailing Through Your PhD Thesis: Writing Tips

By Dr. Zeinab Leila Asgarian, University College London, UK 3 months ago 3606 Views 1 comment

Looking for tips on writing your PhD thesis / dissertation? Dr Zeinab Leila Asgarian from University College London shares her advice on how to write your dissertation, and even enjoy the process!

Meet our Latest Travel Award Winner Ankita Kapoor

By Sam Roome 3 months ago 1253 Views 1 comment

Ankita Kapoor is a researcher working at inStem, Bangalore, India in Dr. Tina Mukherjee's lab and is working to understand "The role of neurotransmitter dopamine in blood development". The Hello Bio travel award will help fund her trip to the 26th European Drosophila Research Conference. Ankita took some time out from her fruit flies to chat to us about what she is working on!

Interviews with Scientists: Agustin Perez Santangelo

By Sam Roome 3 months ago 723 Views No comments

Describing himself as “a Molecular Biologist by choice, Neuroscientist by need”, Agusin Perex Santangelo, a PhD student at the Universidad Torcuato di Tella in Buenos Aires, Argentina, tells us about his work,and shares his advice for new PhD students and more...

Meet our Latest Travel Award Winner Mehdi Adibi

By Sam Roome 3 months ago 1207 Views No comments

Mehdi is an NHMRC CJ Martin early career research fellow at the University of New South Wales, Australia, and is our latest travel award winner! Find out where he plans to go, and what he thinks are the challenges facing neuroscientists at the moment...

A Plastic Brain and the Malleability of Bias: Using Neuroscience to Address Underrepresentation in STEM

By Mackenzie Lemieux, Founder of Students Advocating for Increased Diversity (SAID) in STEM 4 months ago 3290 Views 1 comment

Mackenzie Lemieux, from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, and founder of SAID in STEM, shares her thoughts and insights on how we can use neuroscience to address underrepresentation in STEM - find out about SAID, bias in STEM and what we can do about it, in this fascinating article...