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August 2017

Travel award winner Young Kim

By Sam Roome 6 months ago 18221 Views No comments

Say hello to our July 2017 travel award winner Young Kim...

First photoactive mGlu5 receptor NAM analgesic

By Sam Roome 7 months ago 26399 Views No comments

Here's an exclusive for you - the first photoactive mGlu5 NAM that shows analgesic effects in vivo. A bit of 'razzle-dazzle' with caged-raseglurant!

An alternative to CNO? Water soluble Compound 21 (DREADD agonist 21)

By Sam Roome 7 months ago 43044 Views 1 comment

Do you work with DREADDs? If so you may be interested in our exciting new product launch - a possible alternative to clozapine N-oxide (water-soluble)...

Search with a list to find products quickly

By Sam Roome 7 months ago 42362 Views 1 comment

Try our Quick Multi-Search tool to find lots of products quickly. Just type or paste a list of product names in - and the multi-search feature will do the rest...