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March 2018

Interviews with Scientists: Dr Samantha Murray

By Sam Roome 2 years ago 3938 Views No comments

Dr Samantha Murray is a researcher at the University of Otago, studying gene therapy in a model of Batten disease. We talked to her to find out more about her life, and her research...

Travel Award Winner Maria Velasco

By Sam Roome 2 years ago 3714 Views No comments

Our February travel award winner is Maria Velasco, a final year PhD student working in Prof. Kumlesh K. Dev's Lab, at Trinity College Dublin. Read more about her win...

Interviews with Scientists: Erica Brady

By Sam Roome 2 years ago 2787 Views No comments

We’re delighted to introduce Erica Brady next in our Interviews with Scientists series! Erica is currently doing a PhD at the University of Exeter, looking at how interneurons are contributing to the circuit disruptions seen in Alzheimer’s disease.