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March 2018

Interviews with Scientists: Dr Samantha Murray

By Sam Roome 10 months ago 2874 Views No comments

Dr Samantha Murray is a researcher at the University of Otago, studying gene therapy in a model of Batten disease. We talked to her to find out more about her life, and her research...

Travel Award Winner Maria Velasco

By Sam Roome 11 months ago 1826 Views No comments

Our February travel award winner is Maria Velasco, a final year PhD student working in Prof. Kumlesh K. Dev's Lab, at Trinity College Dublin. Read more about her win...

Interviews with Scientists: Erica Brady

By Sam Roome 11 months ago 1946 Views No comments

We’re delighted to introduce Erica Brady next in our Interviews with Scientists series! Erica is currently doing a PhD at the University of Exeter, looking at how interneurons are contributing to the circuit disruptions seen in Alzheimer’s disease.