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July 2018

Interviews with Scientists: Maria Diehl

By Sam Roome 1 years ago 3324 Views No comments

In our latest Interviews with Scientists, we speak to Maria Diehl.

Maria graduated with a PhD in Neuroscience from University of Rochester’s School of Medicine and Dentistry, studying neuronal activity and anatomical connections of face and vocalisation processing regions of the primate prefrontal cortex. As a postdoc in Greg Quirk's lab at the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine she received an NRSA to study the neural circuits of active avoidance using optogenetics and single unit recordings. Find out more about Maria, her work and her life in Puerto Rico!

The Life Scientists’ Guide For New PhD Students

By Sam Roome 1 years ago 58412 Views No comments

As scientists ourselves, we know how daunting it feels when you embark upon on your first PhD. Especially right at the beginning, when everything can feel totally new and overwhelming.

To show you just how much support there is for you in the life science community from your peers (and from us!) we’ve put together The Life Scientists’ Guide for New PhD Students. Here, you’ll find the fantastic advice our fellow scientists have shared with us, as well as a few tips from our personal experience.

Share your Hello Bio product images with us and get an Amazon voucher!

By Sam Roome 1 years ago 2158 Views No comments

Do you have images sitting on your hard drive or smartphone, that show Hello Bio products in action? if you do, you could earn a $10 / £10 or €10 Euro Amazon gift voucher!

Interviews with Scientists: Stuart Maudsley

By Sam Roome 1 years ago 4838 Views No comments

In our latest Interviews with Scientists, we talked to Stuart Maudsley! Stuart is the Group Leader of the Translational Neurobiology Group and Adjunct Department Director of the VIB Center for Molecular Neurology at the University of Antwerp. His research focuses on the age-dependent changes in receptor pharmacology associated with neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and Frontotemporal dementia. Find out what Stuart had to say!

Stability of DREADD Ligands in Solution - a Review

By Sam Roome 1 years ago 1453 Views 1 comment

Check out our new technical review: Stability of DREADD ligands in solution. Find out all you need to know about how to handle, store and use commonly used water-soluble DREADD ligands (such as Clozapine N-oxide dihydrochloride, and Compound 21 dihydrochloride) - and discover brand new data on the stability of these important tools.