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December 2018

Travel Award Winner Rudolf Faust

By Sam Roome 11 months ago 2516 Views No comments

Our travel award winner Rudolf Faust is a researcher working in the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience. In this interview, he shares information on his research, and his thoughts on the challenges that life scientists face today...

Meet Our Lab Heroes AwardsTM 2018 Runner-Up: Elisabeth Paul

By Sam Roome 11 months ago 2518 Views No comments

We were thrilled to announce Elisabeth Paul as one of our two Lab Heroes AwardsTM 2018 Runners-Up. Elisabeth received glowing nominations from her colleagues at Linköping University, who told us why she made their lab a better place to be! Find out more about Elisabeth, her work, and how she feels about being nominated as a Lab Hero...

Meet Our Lab Heroes Awards 2018 Winner: Dr Enitome Bafor

By Sam Roome 11 months ago 8810 Views No comments

We were delighted to name Dr. Enitome Evi Bafor as our Lab Heroes AwardsTM Winner for 2018, following so many heartfelt and passionate nominations from her colleagues that praised her academic achievements, passion, and dedication to her research. Enitome told us how she felt about her win, and a little about her work and the challenges she faces.

Interviews with Scientists: Natalie Guthrie

By Sam Roome 11 months ago 2363 Views No comments

Next in our Interviews with Scientists series, we had the pleasure of speaking to Natalie Guthrie, a first year PhD student at the University of Wollongong, Australia, supervised by Dr Lezanne Ooi and Dr Claire Stevens.

Meet The Lab Heroes Awards 2018 Winners

By Sam Roome 11 months ago 7953 Views No comments

We’re delighted to announce the winners of our Lab Heroes AwardsTM 2018!

Interviews with Scientists: Nina Lichtenberg

By Sam Roome 1 years ago 2529 Views No comments

Next in our Interviews with Scientists series, meet Nina Lichtenberg! Nina is working on wrapping up her PhD in the Psychology department at UCLA by studying the neural circuitry of memory retrieval and decision making.

Interviews with Scientists: Heema Vyas

By Sam Roome 1 years ago 14768 Views No comments

Heema Kumari Nilesh Vyas is a PhD student at the Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute, whose work focuses on understanding Group A Streptococcus (GAS) biofilms that may be present in cases of GAS pharyngitis that simply do not respond to antibiotic treatment. We spoke to Heema about her PhD, what gets her most excited about her field of research, intersectionality and diversity within STEM, and more...