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Exclusive discount on synaptic electrophysiology software WinLTP

By Sam Roome Yesterday 6 Views No comments

We are delighted to be able to offer Hello Bio customers an exclusive 10% discount on an exciting new data acquisition program for electrophysiologists - WinLTP. Find out more!

Having difficulties with dilutions? Let our calculator help you!

By Sam Roome 16 days ago 214 Views No comments

Do you have difficulties with dilution calculations? Don't worry - help is at hand with the Hello Bio Dilution Calculator...

Water soluble DREADD ligands: only available from Hello Bio

By Sam Roome 22 days ago 680 Views No comments

DREADDs are an increasingly popular field, but the pharmacological tools and ligands available have not been readily water soluble. Researchers have had to use DMSO or ethanol to solubilise them - which is not ideal for studies in biological systems. Our team of chemists have been hard at work to manufacture a range of DREADD ligands that are water soluble - many of which are only available from Hello Bio. They've been reviewed and rated by researchers too - find out more...

Interviews with Scientists: Dr. Chinmaya Sadangi

By Sam Roome 1 month ago 6760 Views No comments

We’ve followed Dr. Chinmaya Sadangi on Twitter (@addictivebrain) for a while now, and it was our pleasure to interview him for our Interviews with Scientists series! Read his interview...

Interviews with Scientists: Brittany Berdy

By Sam Roome 1 month ago 1792 Views No comments

We first “met” Brittany on Twitter while we were perusing the #LabLife hashtag, and we loved her tweets from the lab so much that we invited her to speak to us for our Interviews with Scientists series. And we’re delighted that she said yes! Find out what she had to say...

Top Ten Science News Accounts to Follow on Twitter

By Sam Roome 2 months ago 862 Views No comments

Are you an avid science news reader like us? If you’re reading this, of course you are! We’ve put together a Science News list of all our favourite accounts, which you can subscribe to here, and in this post we’ve rounded up our ten favourite accounts.

Meet Our Lab Heroes Awards Runner-Up: Pinggan Li

By Sam Roome 2 months ago 379 Views No comments

Time to meet our second runner-up in the Lab Heroes Awards 2017! Of the many brilliant awards entries we received, our Scientific Advisory Board felt that Pinggan Li’s nomination really stood out...

Meet Our Lab Heroes Awards Runner-Up: Vanessa Charrier

By Sam Roome 2 months ago 453 Views No comments

While it was a tough decision to choose just three scientists from all the amazing Lab Heroes Awards entries we received, our Scientific Advisory Board selected Vanessa Charrier of Inserm, France as one of our two first runners-up. Find out more about her!

Meet our Lab Heroes Awards Winner: Kimberley Evans

By Sam Roome 2 months ago 478 Views No comments

We were thrilled to have so many fantastic, highly deserving entries to the first of our Lab Heroes Awards, but the one that really stood out to our Scientific Advisory Board – and the first ever winner of our Lab Hero title – was Kimberley Evans.

Kimberley is a Research Assistant, soon to be Lab Manager, in the Karadottir Lab at the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, University of Cambridge, UK. Her research is concerned with factors that affect myelination, and the role of white matter in Alzheimer's disease. We chatted to Kimberley to find out more about this lab hero!

Lab Heroes 2017 Winners

By Sam Roome 3 months ago 14343 Views No comments

The Lab Heroes Awards were launched with a very specific goal - to recognise and give back to the unsung champions of Life Sciences.

Scientists in labs across the world were nominated for a whole host of reasons - from dedication to their research to support of their colleagues. We’ve been humbled to see the level of appreciation evident in each nomination.

We are delighted to now announce the winners!