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Meet Our Lab Heroes AwardsTM 2018 Runner-Up: Ettore Ambrosini

By Sam Roome 15 days ago 10666 Views No comments

We were delighted to announce Ettore Ambrosini as one of our two Lab Heroes AwardsTM 2018 Runners-Up! Ettore is Assistant Professor (RTDb) in the Department of Neuroscience, at the University of Padova, in Italy and received some fabulous nominations from his colleagues We spoke to Ettore about how it felt to be named one of our runners-up, what he feels are the biggest challenges facing life scientists, the advice he’d give to scientists just starting out in their careers, and more.

Meet Our Lab Heroes AwardsTM 2018 Runner-Up: Elisabeth Paul

By Sam Roome 1 month ago 1411 Views No comments

We were thrilled to announce Elisabeth Paul as one of our two Lab Heroes AwardsTM 2018 Runners-Up. Elisabeth received glowing nominations from her colleagues at Linköping University, who told us why she made their lab a better place to be! Find out more about Elisabeth, her work, and how she feels about being nominated as a Lab Hero...

Meet Our Lab Heroes Awards 2018 Winner: Dr Enitome Bafor

By Sam Roome 1 month ago 6424 Views No comments

We were delighted to name Dr. Enitome Evi Bafor as our Lab Heroes AwardsTM Winner for 2018, following so many heartfelt and passionate nominations from her colleagues that praised her academic achievements, passion, and dedication to her research. Enitome told us how she felt about her win, and a little about her work and the challenges she faces.

Meet The Lab Heroes Awards 2018 Winners

By Sam Roome 1 month ago 6141 Views No comments

We’re delighted to announce the winners of our Lab Heroes AwardsTM 2018!

Catch up with last year’s Lab Heroes Awards winner Kimberley Evans

By Sam Roome 3 months ago 1094 Views No comments

Catch up with last year’s Lab Heroes AwardsTM winner Kimberley Evans

Lab Heroes is back for 2018 and we’ve had some fantastic nominations already! But what difference could winning these awards make to your lab hero, and your lab?

Find out what last year's winner has been up to over the last year, what difference winning our Lab Heroes Award made to her and her lab, and why she thinks you should nominate your lab heroes this year.

Nominations Are Now Open For The Lab Heroes Awards 2018!

By Sam Roome 3 months ago 16295 Views 3 comments

That’s right life scientists, it’s that time of year again - our Lab Heroes AwardsTM are back for 2018.These awards are your chance to celebrate the scientists who make a real difference to you, your life, and your work. Find out how to nominate your Lab Hero!

Introducing Magnified: a science art exhibition

By Sam Roome 7 months ago 919 Views No comments

We’ve blogged before about how much we love it when science inspires art, which is why we’re delighted to announce that Hello Bio will be sponsoring an unusual and exciting event across the globe in Australia.

Magnified: A Science Art Exhibition is being organised by the Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute (IHMRI), in association with the School of Arts, English and Media at the University of Wollongong, Australia. Find out more about this really fascinating exhibition...

The Big Life Scientist Survey: Here’s What You Told Us

By Sam Roome 9 months ago 2557 Views 2 comments

The results of The Big Life Scientist Survey are in!

Thank you so much to all of you 222 life scientists from around the world who took the time to answer our questions and helped spread the word about the survey.

We asked the life sciences community a range of questions around funding, study replication, lifestyle, equal opportunities and diversity with some eye opening results...

The Big Life Scientist Survey

By Sam Roome 11 months ago 1986 Views No comments

Scientists, we want to hear your views in The Big Life Scientist Survey!

The aim of The Big Life Scientist Survey is to highlight the biggest challenges life scientists are facing today around funding, pressure, publication and more. It’ll only take you five minutes to complete, it's completely anonymous, and at the end you can have the option of entering our prize draw to win $500 of Hello Bio vouchers too.

Meet Our Lab Heroes Awards Runner-Up: Pinggan Li

By Sam Roome 1 years ago 1160 Views No comments

Time to meet our second runner-up in the Lab Heroes Awards 2017! Of the many brilliant awards entries we received, our Scientific Advisory Board felt that Pinggan Li’s nomination really stood out...