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A Plastic Brain and the Malleability of Bias: Using Neuroscience to Address Underrepresentation in STEM

By Mackenzie Lemieux, Founder of Students Advocating for Increased Diversity (SAID) in STEM 23 days ago 2156 Views 1 comment

Mackenzie Lemieux, from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, and founder of SAID in STEM, shares her thoughts and insights on how we can use neuroscience to address underrepresentation in STEM - find out about SAID, bias in STEM and what we can do about it, in this fascinating article...

Five Essential Tips for Writing Scientific Papers

By Jasmine Pickford, Research Associate at the University of Bristol 1 month ago 22554 Views No comments

Struggling to get your paper published? Jasmine Pickford from the University of Bristol shares some top tips for early career researchers...

Why We Need ‘Credibility in Neuroscience’

By Georgina Hazell, Head of Policy and Campaigns, British Neuroscience Association 2 months ago 1085 Views No comments

Currently, within neuroscience, there's a huge pressure to publish as much research as possible, as quickly as possible, and to make findings as newsworthy as possible. Georgina Hazell, Head of Policy and Campaigns, British Neuroscience Association tells us why we must ensure the credibility of research – that it is reproducible, replicable, and reliable.

Improving public understanding of science

By Mann Virdee & Ella Courtie, University of Birmingham 2 months ago 22255 Views 2 comments

From climate change, to vaccines, astrology to cancer research - how can we improve the public understanding of science? Why are some of the public misunderstanding and what can we do about it? For some answers, read this thoughtful, insightful and honest Hello Bio Blog article by Birmingham University's Ella Courtie and Mann Virdee.

Writing a Winning Travel Grant Application

By Kate Secombe, Cancer Treatment Toxicities Group, University of Adelaide, Australia 2 months ago 31963 Views No comments

Cancer researcher and blogger Kate Secombe shares her tips and tricks to give you the best chance of winning a travel grant...

How do you get started in science writing?

By James Howe, University of California, San Diego, USA 3 months ago 19725 Views No comments

In this article, fantastic guest blogger James Howe shares his advice and experience, and offers tips for academics in STEM hoping to get into science writing...

Why We Need to Make Biomedical Research More Open

By Bronwen Martin, PhD Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical & Veterinary Sciences, University of Antwerp, Belgium. 3 months ago 21404 Views 1 comment

In our latest blog article, Dr Bronwen Martin, from the University of Antwerp discusses why she believes the current structure of biomedical research is hampering the search for effective treatments, and what we can all, as scientists, do about it.

Learning to make your CASE to policymakers

By Caitlin Burgdorf, BS (PhD candidate at Weill Cornell Medicine) 4 months ago 1565 Views No comments

Politicians and scientists may not always be the best of friends, but researcher Caitlin Burgdorf explains how, and why we should, as scientists engage with policymakers and politicians...

Surviving Your PhD Viva / Dissertation Defense

By James Quinn, Postdoctoral Researcher, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA 4 months ago 15433 Views No comments

You've been working hard in the lab for years, you've submitted your PhD thesis, and there is one more hurdle...Our fabulous guest blogger Dr. James Quinn, shares his top tips for surviving your PhD viva (dissertation defense).

The Importance of Mentoring in Science & Tips for New Mentors

By Maria Valesco, Post-doctoral researcher, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland 4 months ago 17648 Views No comments

Many of us are asked to mentor someone in the lab - but do you know what's involved, and do you have the right skills? Read this article, by our fabulous guest blogger Dr Maria Velasco - she shares her experience on the value of mentoring, together with some top tips for first timers...