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What the experts say

Meet our Expert Scientists: Professor Elek Molnár

By Sam Roome 3 days ago 46 Views No comments

We’re thrilled to continue the 'Meet Our Expert Scientists' series, by speaking to the wonderful Professor Elek Molnár! Elek is Professor of Neuroscience at the School of Pharmacology and Neuroscience, University of Bristol, UK, and we are extremely proud to have him as a member of our Scientific Advisory Board. We are delighted that Elek has shared his work, experience and thoughts with us.

Interviews with Scientists: Christina Murray

By Sam Roome 8 days ago 420 Views No comments

We’re so excited to share our latest Interviews with Scientists, in which we speak to the brilliant Christina Murray. Christina is a postdoctoral research associate at the UCL Dementia Research Institute and Queen Square Brain Bank, UCL Institute of Neurology.

Interviews with Scientists: Maz from Have You Ever Wondered

By Sam Roome 8 days ago 1542 Views No comments

We’re bringing you something a bit different with our latest Interviews with Scientists, and we were so happy when Maz got back to us to say she’d love to be interviewed! Maz is not only a researcher in bioengineering and regenerative medicine, she’s also a vlogger for the YouTube channel Have You Ever Wondered (HYEW).

Ten of Our Favourite Science Memes

By Sam Roome 18 days ago 1027 Views No comments

We really do love to have a laugh here at Hello Bio. And as a team of scientists, it’s usually the case that we’re laughing about something science-related.

For the last few months, we’ve been sharing the science memes and jokes that have made us chuckle the most over on our social media channels. So, we thought we’d bring them all together into one blog post and share them with you!

Some are clever, some entirely relatable, and some are just, well, pretty silly actually – we hope that they raise a smile and brighten your day.

Interviews with Scientists: Dr Deborah Kronenberg-Versteeg

By Sam Roome 24 days ago 2484 Views No comments

Dr Deborah Kronenberg-Versteeg is a Junior Research Fellow at Homerton College, and postdoctoral researcher at the Wellcome Trust – Medical Research Council Stem Cell Institute at the University of Cambridge in the UK. She’s currently working on understanding the role of white matter dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease. Find out what she had to say...

Interviews with Scientists: Adriana Humanes

By Sam Roome 1 month ago 1851 Views No comments

When we asked Twitter whether any scientists would like to be interviewed about their work, we were excited when Adriana Humanes got in touch as we were so interested to hear more about both her research and her advocacy work for gender equality in STEM. Find out what she had to say...

Interviews with Scientists: Dr. Chinmaya Sadangi

By Sam Roome 1 month ago 6760 Views No comments

We’ve followed Dr. Chinmaya Sadangi on Twitter (@addictivebrain) for a while now, and it was our pleasure to interview him for our Interviews with Scientists series! Read his interview...

Interviews with Scientists: Brittany Berdy

By Sam Roome 1 month ago 1792 Views No comments

We first “met” Brittany on Twitter while we were perusing the #LabLife hashtag, and we loved her tweets from the lab so much that we invited her to speak to us for our Interviews with Scientists series. And we’re delighted that she said yes! Find out what she had to say...

Interviews with Scientists: Lucka Bibic

By Sam Roome 2 months ago 2812 Views No comments

In our latest Interviews with Scientists, we spoke to the brilliant Lucka Bibic (aka ‘Spiderwoman’) - find out more!

Interviews with Scientists: Dr Tim Mosca

By Sam Roome 2 months ago 1141 Views No comments

For the latest in our Interviews with Scientists series, it was brilliant to have the opportunity to speak with Dr. Tim Mosca PhD, Principal Investigator at the Mosca Lab at Jefferson University, Philadelphia.

Dr. Mosca has a PhD from Harvard and completed his postdoctoral study at Stanford. He is described by his colleagues as: “Our fearless leader. He makes sure we have direction, money, baked goods, and mentorship. He's *kind of* a big deal.” Find out what he had to say to Hello Bio when we interviewed him...