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Cesium gluconate - 'ready made' for intracellular solutions

Cesium gluconate - 'ready made' for intracellular solutions
By Sam Roome 2 years ago 39854 Views 1 comment

Cesium gluconate is a novel and essential tool for electrophysiologists making internal solutions for patch clamp experiments. Our ready to use cesium gluconate can save you time - as you don't need to make it yourself- so it is now really easy to prepare your cesium-gluconate based internal solution. Researchers at the University of Dundee have given it a 5* review - why not give it a try!

We prepared a variety of Cesium Gluconate-based intracellular solutions to record excitatory synaptic currents from brain slices using whole-cell patch clamp. All solutions prepared using the Hello Bio Cesium Gluconate performed exactly as expected, saving us the time and trouble of synthesising the salt “in-house".

Verified customer, the University of Dundee

Jan 2 years ago at 09:04
Yay - at last! Thanks Hello Bio!