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Clozapine N-oxide (water soluble) - all your questions answered!

Clozapine N-oxide (water soluble) - all your questions answered!
By Sam Roome 2 years ago 197569 Views 1 comment

Our chemists have been hard at work - carrying out detailed investigations into the solubility and stability of Clozapine N-oxide (water soluble). The result is worth reading - an exclusive technical review on Clozapine N-oxide (water soluble). It aims to answer all your questions on solubility, storage and handling, including results from our in-house tests, and guidelines on use in the lab, in vivo and in vitro. This is an essential guide for anyone researching DREADDs.

The review gives answers to questions like:

  • How long does clozapine N-oxide (water soluble) stay stable in solution?
  • How do I make up a stock solution?
  • How should I store my stock solution?
  • What is the best way to solubilise clozapine N-oxide (water soluble)?

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Dr H 2 years ago at 13:32
Thanks for this Hello Bio - my lab are going to find this incredibly useful, and also reassuring! :-)