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CNQX Disodium Salt - the Movie!

CNQX Disodium Salt - the Movie!
By Sam Roome 3 years ago 316875 Views 5 comments

A number of researchers have noticed that their CNQX disodium salt changes colour when they weigh it out. This is a normal process and nothing to worry about. Our chemistry team have put together a video clip to show what happens, and to explain why. We admit that there are some more entertaining movies out there (it's no La La Land!) - but hopefully the video clip will set your mind at rest, when weighing out your CNQX disodium salt!

We contemplated some more exciting titles for our video - The Colour Orange, or perhaps CNQX disodium salt: An Unexpected Journey. We even considered CNQX Now (get this one?) but we kept it simple in the end! Can you think of any better titles? Please share in the comments below, on our Facebook Page, or tweet us @hello_bio

Huw Davies 3 years ago at 12:31
So that is what's meant by Orange being the new Black
Jo Hawkins 2 years ago at 11:49
Good build up of suspense and excellent execution- it's a yes from me...
Nolan 2 years ago at 11:59
"The Hand that Rocks the CNQX"
BrisRes 2 years ago at 12:10
Three colours black, three colours orange, and three colours somewhere in between
Sian 2 years ago at 12:12