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Nominations Are Now Open For The Lab Heroes Awards 2018!

Nominations Are Now Open For The Lab Heroes Awards 2018!
By Sam Roome 7 months ago 17304 Views 3 comments

That’s right life scientists, it’s that time of year again. After a hugely successful first year in which we received 80 inspiring nominations for life scientists working in labs all over the world, our Lab Heroes AwardsTM are back for 2018.

These awards are your chance to celebrate the scientists who make a real difference to you, your life, and your work.

Whether they inspire you in your career, are always on hand to help you out in the lab, go the extra mile in their work, are exceptionally supportive of their colleagues, or have a big personality that makes your lab a brilliant place to work, now is your opportunity acknowledge them.

Nominate a scientist you work with from now until 30th November 2018, and put your lab and the wonderful scientists who work in it in the spotlight.

And once you have nominated your lab hero, keep an eye on our Lab Heroes Nominees gallery page - your nominees will appear here!

Nominate your Lab Hero today

Do you have a lab hero in mind? To nominate them for a Lab Heroes 2018 Award, simply visit our nomination page, fill out your details and tell us why your lab hero deserves to win.

Please be as detailed as possible in your nominations to give our judges plenty of information, and please do include a photo, as we want to talk about all our Lab Heroes nominees on social media in celebration of how wonderful the life scientist community is.

This is your chance to really shout about what makes this person special, and why they deserve to be known.

What makes a Lab Hero?

If you’re wondering what makes a lab hero, you can check out all of last year’s fantastic nominations here.

To give you an idea of the reasons you might nominate a Lab Hero, just some of the things our nominations included last year were:

  • “Her technical skills, her exceptional sense of organization, and her motivation”
  • “Her enthusiasm and passion make her a unique and invaluable person”
  • “A great supervisor for the whole team, both motivational and supportive”
  • “He has created a culture in which there are no silly questions, which makes everyone feel free to share their ideas”
  • “He helps lab members to fight off ‘imposter syndrome’, a common enemy of any scientist”
  • “He helped me through my experiments and guided me”
  • “She approaches every task or challenge with a positive ‘can do’ attitude”
  • “She is the greatest advocate for accuracy and experimental repetitions”
  • “She is the best mate for endless scientific brainstormings”
  • “She brings food for us and makes sure everyone eats especially if they have a busy experiment day”
  • “She makes herself available to help everyone in the lab”
  • “Her proactiveness towards helping her fellow colleagues”
  • “Every time that I was about to give up [she] was there, cheering me on, and encouraging me to try again”
  • “If had to pick one person who transformed me into the scientist I am today, then I can undoubtedly say that this person is [him]”
  • “His selfless, positive and friendly attitude and with his hard-working, collaborative and open-minded approach to scientific research”
  • “Despite his tight schedule, he always finds time for any master student, PhD student or postdoc who is searching for advice or help”
  • “She is an excellent example that one can be excellent in research as well take time to help others”
  • “Her contribution to the performance and the atmosphere of the lab cannot be appreciated enough”
  • “She continues to inspire others and works hard to change the perception of a typical scientist”

Entry for the 2018 Lab Heroes AwardsTM opens 31st October and closes at midnight on 30th November 2018.

The awards will be judged by the Hello Bio Scientific Advisory board, and winners will be announced after Monday 3rd December. You can view the full T&Cs here.

Help us spread the word, and find more Lab Heroes!

This year, we want to reach and recognise even more Lab Heroes from all around the world.

Please share this blog post on social media using the hashtag #LabHeroes18, and tell all your scientist colleagues how they can get involved too.

This year’s prizes

This year, the winner of the Lab Heroes AwardsTM 2018 will receive $2000 Hello Bio vouchers for their lab, plus a $1000 travel grant to attend a scientific conference anywhere in the world, and a Hello Bio goody bag.

Two runners up will each receive $500 Hello Bio vouchers, plus a $500 travel grant, and a Hello Bio goody bag.

Before nominating your Lab Hero, please view the Terms and Conditions for the Lab Heroes Awards 2018 here.


Meet last year’s Lab Heroes over on our blog:


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A.G 6 months ago at 13:32
I nominated someone last year, but they didn't win - is there any point nominating again?
Hello Bio 6 months ago at 13:35
Absolutely! Our Scientific Advisory Board found it so hard to choose between the nominations last year, the standard was so high. As such, we gave away a few extra prizes too! So - it's definitely worth trying again :-)
A.G 6 months ago at 13:37