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Liven up your lab and learn to say hello with our fun poster!

Liven up your lab and learn to say hello with our fun poster!
By Sam Roome 2 years ago 3440 Views 3 comments

Ever find yourself pipetting endless samples, or sat at your lab bench waiting for a baseline to stabilise, or just sitting...waiting...? Life in the lab can be a little boring sometimes...but that's where the Hello Bio poster "21 Ways to Say Hello" comes in!

With this poster - you can learn to say hello in 21 different languages. Why not challenge yourself to learn all 21, and then compete with your lab colleagues?

Download the poster here

We only have 21 languages on our poster - so maybe your language isn't included? If that's the case, tell us how to say 'hello' in your own language and we can start preparing our next poster! Share in the comments below, on our Facebook Page, or tweet us @hello_bio

Posted in: Fun Science!
Jim 2 years ago at 08:01
Love the colors! It will look great on the lab wall
Rosa 2 years ago at 13:49
would be good to have pronunciations on the next one!
Hello Bio 2 years ago at 13:52
Thanks for the feedback Rosa - we will do our best to get that on the next release!