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Review on Neural Stem Cells & Small Molecules

Review on Neural Stem Cells & Small Molecules
By Sam Roome 1 years ago 1504 Views No comments

Our new mini-review on Neural Stem Cells & Small Molecules includes descriptions of the small molecules commonly used in neural stem cell research, and the signaling pathways that they target...

The use of small molecules within the sphere of neural stem cells is one which has shown great promise. It is possible to direct differentiation of iPSCs, ESCs and NSCs using small molecules, dramatically reducing the time needed to produce cells which show functional neuronal phenotypes.

Small molecules have been used which target several different pathways in neural stem cells, and this mini-review provides a brief overview of:

  • inhibitors of SMAD signaling
  • inhibitors of WNT signaling
  • Retinoid derivatives
  • ISX compounds
  • A 83-01
  • IBMX

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