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Interviews with Scientists: Adele Edwards

By Sam Roome 7 days ago 106 Views No comments

Adele Edwards is one of the five scientists to benefit from our fee waiver sponsorship at the ENCODS 2019 conference last month. Here Adele tells us a bit more about her work...

ENCODS 2019: Our Highlights from the Annual Neuroscience Conference

By Sam Roome 7 days ago 146 Views No comments

Last month, we were delighted to be sponsoring and exhibiting at ENCODS 2019: a two-day event providing a platform for early-career neuroscientists from different backgrounds to meet fellow students and make connections with internationally renowned scientists. Here’s our round up of highlights from the two days!

How To Be A Brilliant Science Communicator

By Sam Roome 14 days ago 1167 Views No comments

Looking for the best advice and top tips on presentation skills and public speaking? The inspirational Dr Emily Grossman gave a fantastic presentation skills workshop at ENCODS2019 - find out what she said and take that first step to becoming a brilliant science communicator yourself...

Interviews with Scientists: Célia Domingos

By Sam Roome 19 days ago 272 Views No comments

We met Célia Domingos at ENCODS 2019 last month, where she was one of the five scientists to benefit from our fee waiver sponsorship. It was great to catch up with her for our Interviews with Scientists series, and speak more about her work, the challenges facing life scientists, her advice for those just starting out with their PhD and more...