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Posts tagged 'Interviews with Scientists'

Interviews with Scientists: James Quinn

By Sam Roome 4 days ago 483 Views No comments

In our next Interviews with Scientists, meet James Quinn! James is a final year PhD student studying the proteolytic cleavage of tau in different types of dementia at the University of Manchester in The Hooper Lab.

Interviews with Scientists: Catriona Cunningham

By Sam Roome 11 days ago 715 Views No comments

Catriona is a final year PhD student on the EPSRC & MRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Regenerative Medicine programme at the University of Manchester. We spoke to Catriona all about her work for this latest post in our Interviews with Scientists series.

Interviews with Scientists: Agnese Solari

By Sam Roome 19 days ago 1267 Views No comments

Agnese Solari is a final year PhD student working on cancer stem cells in human primary brain tumors like glioblastoma and meningioma at the Pharmacology Lab of Professors Barbieri and Florio, in the Experimental Neuroscience Dept at the University of Genova.

We spoke to Agnese all about her work, her interests, and what a typical day in the lab looks like for her.

Interviews with Scientists: Dr Samantha Murray

By Sam Roome 1 month ago 2082 Views No comments

Dr Samantha Murray is a researcher at the University of Otago, studying gene therapy in a model of Batten disease. We talked to her to find out more about her life, and her research...

Interviews with Scientists: Erica Brady

By Sam Roome 2 months ago 1390 Views No comments

We’re delighted to introduce Erica Brady next in our Interviews with Scientists series! Erica is currently doing a PhD at the University of Exeter, looking at how interneurons are contributing to the circuit disruptions seen in Alzheimer’s disease.

Interviews with Scientists: Christina Murray

By Sam Roome 2 months ago 1756 Views No comments

We’re so excited to share our latest Interviews with Scientists, in which we speak to the brilliant Christina Murray. Christina is a postdoctoral research associate at the UCL Dementia Research Institute and Queen Square Brain Bank, UCL Institute of Neurology.

Interviews with Scientists: Maz from Have You Ever Wondered

By Sam Roome 2 months ago 2162 Views No comments

We’re bringing you something a bit different with our latest Interviews with Scientists, and we were so happy when Maz got back to us to say she’d love to be interviewed! Maz is not only a researcher in bioengineering and regenerative medicine, she’s also a vlogger for the YouTube channel Have You Ever Wondered (HYEW).

Interviews with Scientists: Dr Deborah Kronenberg-Versteeg

By Sam Roome 3 months ago 2708 Views No comments

Dr Deborah Kronenberg-Versteeg is a Junior Research Fellow at Homerton College, and postdoctoral researcher at the Wellcome Trust – Medical Research Council Stem Cell Institute at the University of Cambridge in the UK. She’s currently working on understanding the role of white matter dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease. Find out what she had to say...

Interviews with Scientists: Adriana Humanes

By Sam Roome 3 months ago 1987 Views No comments

When we asked Twitter whether any scientists would like to be interviewed about their work, we were excited when Adriana Humanes got in touch as we were so interested to hear more about both her research and her advocacy work for gender equality in STEM. Find out what she had to say...

Interviews with Scientists: Dr. Chinmaya Sadangi

By Sam Roome 3 months ago 8023 Views No comments

We’ve followed Dr. Chinmaya Sadangi on Twitter (@addictivebrain) for a while now, and it was our pleasure to interview him for our Interviews with Scientists series! Read his interview...