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Posts tagged 'Presentations'

The Life Scientists’ Guide to Presenting at Conferences

By Sam Roome 1 month ago 6656 Views No comments

How do you cope with nerves when presenting at a conference? What's the best way to practise giving your presentation? And how do you write your content? The Life Scientists' Guide to Presenting at Conferences is packed full of advice from experts, as well as some excellent tips from our community of scientists - helping you deliver your next scientific presentation with confidence and flair!

How To Be A Brilliant Science Communicator

By Sam Roome 4 months ago 31540 Views No comments

Looking for the best advice and top tips on presentation skills and public speaking? The inspirational Dr Emily Grossman gave a fantastic presentation skills workshop at ENCODS2019 - find out what she said and take that first step to becoming a brilliant science communicator yourself...

Scientific Papers: Tips For More Productive Writing

By Maria Montefinese, Post-doctoral Research Fellow, University of Padova, Italy & Honorary Research Associate, UCL, UK 8 months ago 34940 Views No comments

Do you find it challenging to write scientific papers? Or perhaps you struggle to say motivated, when there are so many other demands on your time? Our fabulous guest blogger Maria Montefinese, from the University of Padova and University College London, shares her top tips for improving the output of your scientific writing...

Tips for Poster Presentations at Scientific Meetings and Conferences

By Nina Lichtenberg, UCLA 1 years ago 13197 Views No comments

Do you have a poster presentation looming? Read some top tips from our fantastic guest blogger Nina Lichtenberg, ideal for PhD students and post-docs looking to deliver that perfect poster!

Tips for Oral Presentations at Scientific Meetings and Conferences

By Nina Lichtenberg, UCLA 1 years ago 8127 Views No comments

Conference presentations may be daunting - but it is a skill that can be honed just like any other. Our expert guest blogger Nina Lichtenberg, has shared her advice on nailing that pitch perfect presentation.