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Travel award winner Zoe Christenson Wick

Travel award winner Zoe Christenson Wick
By Sam Roome 2 years ago 92130 Views No comments

Say hello to Zoé Christenson Wick - our latest travel award winner! Zoé is a PhD candidate working in the Krook-Magnuson Lab at the University of Minnesota. She is researching far-reaching inhibitory neurons of the healthy and epileptic hippocampus and the award will help to fund her trip to the Gordon Research Conference ‘Inhibition in the CNS’ in Les Diablerets, 2017.

I am truly grateful for Hello Bio's travel grant supporting my attendance at the 'Inhibition in the CNS Gordon Research Conference' in Switzerland this June. This will be my first time attending a Gordon Conference and I am very much looking forward to getting feedback on my thesis research from experts in the field, hearing about exciting recent research, and meeting neuroscientists from all over the world who are contributing to our knowledge of the nervous system's inhibitory influences. This will be an incredible learning experience for me and I look forward to engaging in challenging and critical discussions and reflections of my own research and the field as a whole. Zoé Christenson Wick , University of Minnesota, USA, Hello Bio travel award winner

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