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Enzyme inhibitors and activators

As a specialist supplier of affordable enzyme and signaling pathway research tools, Hello Bio has introduced a range of inhibitors and activators for enzymes such as kinases, phosphatases and more. Check out our range and our prices - in keeping with our Hello Bio price pledge our enzyme range is offered at significantly lower prices than other suppliers, and for your peace of mind, is covered by the Hello BioPromise quality guarantee.

Enzyme inhibitors and activators from Hello Bio

Kinase inhibitors & activators 

Our kinase inhibitor range includes the PKC activator Phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate, the PKA inhibitor KT 5720 and the potent GSK-3α/β inhibitor BIO.

    • PKC inhibitors and activators
    • PKA inhibitors and activators
    • Akt inhibitors and activators
    • GSK inhibitors and activators
    • CaM kinase inhibitors and activators
  •   View our full range of kinase inhibitors and activators

 Phosphatase inhibitors and activators

Our growing range includes the potent protein phosphatase inhibitor Okadaic acid and the potent calcineurin inhibitor Cyclosporin A

  • View our full range of phosphatase inhibitors and activators

Caspase inhibitors and activators

Transferase inhibitors and activators

 Our range includes the potent ceramide synthase inhibitor Fumosin B1 and TNKS1 inhibitor XAV 939

  • View our full range of transferase inhibitors and activators

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