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Product overview

  • Name
    Eosin B
  • Short description
    Organic dye used to stain and quantify proteins
  • Alternative names
    Acid Red 91; C.I. 45400; Saffrosine; Eosin Scarlet; imperial red
  • Biological description
    Organic dye used to stain and quantify proteins. Sensitivity is strengthened by the addition of magnesium. Highly selective and potent inhibitor of several drug-resistant malarial strains (Average IC50 = 124 nM). Displays anti-parasitic properties.
  • Biological action
    Dyes & stains
  • Citations


  • Chemical name
    Acid Red 91
  • Molecular Weight
  • Chemical structure
    Eosin B  [548-24-3]
  • Molecular Formula
  • CAS Number
  • PubChem identifier
    C1=CC=C2C(=C1)C(=O)OC23C4=CC(=C(C(=C4OC5=C(C(=C(C=C35)[N+](=O)[O-])O)Br)Br)O )[N+](=O)[O-]

Storing and Using Your Product

  • Storage instructions
    room temperature
  • Important
    This product is for RESEARCH USE ONLY and is not intended for therapeutic or diagnostic use. Not for human or veterinary use.

References for Eosin B

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    PubMedID: 16940112
  • Efficacy of eosin B as a new antimalarial drug in a murine model.

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    PubMedID: 23365788
  • Promoted negative staining of proteins in SDS-PAGE using Eosin B compounded with magnesium chloride.

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    PubMedID: 21080370
  • Application of an eosin B dye method for estimating a wide range of proteins.

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    PubMedID: 9029262
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