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Product overview

  • Name
    FLUO 3/AM
  • Short description
    Cell permeable Ca2+ sensitive fluorescent indicator
  • Biological description
    Cell permeable Ca2+ sensitive fluorescent indicator (Kd = 0.36 µM). Metabolized by cytoplasmic esterases into FLUO-3.
  • Biological action
    Dyes & stains
  • Purity
  • Citations


  • Molecular Weight
  • Chemical structure
    FLUO 3/AM  [121714-22-5]
  • Molecular Formula
  • CAS Number
  • PubChem identifier

Storing and Using Your Product

  • Solubility overview
    soluble in DMSO (0.9mg/ml) or water
  • Important
    This product is for RESEARCH USE ONLY and is not intended for therapeutic or diagnostic use. Not for human or veterinary use.

References for FLUO 3/AM

  • Loading and localization of Fluo-3 and Fluo-3/AM calcium indicators in sinapis alba root tissue.

    Tretyn A et al (1997) Folia Histochem Cytobiol 35(1) : 41-51.
    PubMedID: 9090510
  • Functional fluo-3/AM assay on P-glycoprotein transport activity in L1210/VCR cells by confocal microscopy.

    Orlick󠇬 J et al (2004) Gen Physiol Biophys 23(3) : 357-66.
    PubMedID: 15638123
  • Measurement of the dissociation constant of Fluo-3 for Ca2+ in isolated rabbit cardiomyocytes using Ca2+ wave characteristics.

    Loughrey CM et al (2003) Cell Calcium 34(1) : 1-9.
    PubMedID: 12767887
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