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I made the discovery that the NMDA receptor is the trigger for the induction of LTP using D-AP5 synthesized by Jeff Watkins, the discoverer of the NMDA receptor... I now obtain my D-AP5 from Hello Bio. I love their products and ethos and that is why I accepted a position on their Scientific Advisory Board.

Professor Graham Collingridge, winner of The Brain Prize, 2016

With prices up to 50% less than other suppliers, and exceptional quality, more and more researchers worldwide are choosing to buy their D-AP5 from Hello Bio. Biologically tested, endorsed by customers, cited in the literature and >99% pure, we are offering all researchers a free 10mg pack of NMDA antagonist D-AP5. Product information and details of how to claim are below. 

Why choose D-AP5 from Hello Bio?
D-AP5 - Manufactured by our own chemistry experts
Hello Bio D-AP5 is endorsed by scientists worldwide
Hello Bio D-AP5 is biologically tested and >99% pure

How to claim your free trial

If you would like a free 10 mg pack of D-AP5, simply add it to your shopping basket or purchase order together with at least one other product. Obtain the free trial code by clicking on the button below, and apply it to your online order or include it on your faxed order.

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