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Product overview

  • Name
    MEDICA 16
  • Short description
    Free fatty acid 1 (FFA1) receptor agonist
  • Biological description
    Free fatty acid 1 (FFA1/GPR40) receptor agonist. Inhibits ATP-citrate lyase and decreases hepatic acetyl-CoA carboxylase activity and plasma triacylglycerol. Sensitizes adipose tissue to insulin.
  • Biological action
  • Citations


  • Chemical name
    3,3,14,14-Tetramethylhexadecanedioic acid
  • Molecular Weight
  • Chemical structure
    MEDICA 16  [87272-20-6]
  • Molecular Formula
  • CAS Number

Storing and Using Your Product

  • Storage instructions
  • Solubility overview
    soluble in DMSO (100mM) or ethanol (100mM)
  • Important
    This product is for RESEARCH USE ONLY and is not intended for therapeutic or diagnostic use. Not for human or veterinary use.

References for MEDICA 16

  • Novel selective ligands for free fatty acid receptors GPR120 and GPR40.

    Hara T et al (2009) Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol 380(3) : 247-55.
    PubMedID: 19471906
  • MEDICA 16 inhibits hepatic acetyl-CoA carboxylase and reduces plasma triacylglycerol levels in insulin-resistant JCR: LA-cp rats.

    Atkinson LL et al (2002) Diabetes 51(5) : 1548-55.
    PubMedID: 11978655
  • Adipose tissue sensitization to insulin induced by troglitazone and MEDICA 16 in obese Zucker rats in vivo.

    Kalderon B et al (2003) Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 284(4) : E795-803.
    PubMedID: 12488241
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