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1 Dec 2014

Hello Bio launches new website - supporting researchers worldwide

www.hellobio.comStand-out life science company launches, offering affordable research tools together with financial support for researchers

Hello Bio has launched a new website to support scientific researchers around the globe. Based near Bristol in the UK, Hello Bio offers research tools such as agonists, antagonists, inhibitors, antibodies, fluorescent tools and peptides for use in scientific research into conditions such as cancer, obesity and neurodegenerative disorders.

Hello Bio joins an already busy life science marketplace, but the new website stands out by offering these scientific tools at low prices, and by supporting researchers financially – with grants, travel awards and studentships. The company is based in the UK and offers products and services to scientists in universities, research institutes and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

“We know what it is like to struggle for research grants and funding. This is a landmark day for scientists – we are offering something really new and exciting - an online comprehensive range at very affordable prices, with outstanding quality. The team at Hello Bio are committed to making a real difference to life in the lab, and look forward to supporting researchers across the world”.
Steve Roome, co-founder and Managing Director of Hello Bio

“Our new online range includes affordable everyday tools, such as D-AP5 , Kainic acid , Z-VAD-FMK and MK-801 , to name just a few. But we also offer novel, ground-breaking products, such as the fluorescent CellAura range. These products will aid research in a multitude of areas including cancer, obesity, Alzheimers, epigenetics and more”
James Flanaghan, Head of Product Development

As well as a comprehensive range of glutamate, GABA and ion channel research products, the website provides detailed technical information and scientific support and resources.

Further information

Agonists, antagonists, antibodies, fluorescent tools…but Hello Bio is more than a catalogue of life science tools. We are a team of researchers and scientists, who genuinely want to support and promote life science research. Everything we do has this at its heart – we strive to make our range as affordable as possible, we listen to what you want, and we contribute financially where we can, to travel awards, grants and bursaries.  Not forgetting - we insist on the best quality possible: for products, for service and for technical support.

Trusted and affordable results- whilst supporting science – what could be better?

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