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Pathway posters & product guides

We are developing a range of pathway posters and product guides to help you select the right product. The posters and guides that are currently available are shown below.

Pathway posters

These pathway posters provide an overview of key, topical signaling pathways.

Signaling mechanisms involved in mGlu1 and mGlu5 mediated LTDMajor signaling mechanisms involved in mGlu5 and mGlu1 LTD

mGluR-long term depression (LTD) is thought to be involved in many processes such as goal directed  learning and in pathological conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and drug addiction. This pathway poster summarises some of the many signaling mechanisms involved in this process...View & download



Signaling in pain pathwaysSignaling pathways in pain

The sensation of pain can be separated into neuropathic,inflammatory and nociceptive pain which are stimulated by heat, acid, mechanical pressure and cold. This pathway poster summarises the complex interplay of peripheral sensitization, central sensitization and inhibition...View & download



Product guides

Introducing the CellAura fluorescent ligand rangeIntroducing CellAura fluorescent ligands

An overview of the applications and products in our new CellAura fluorescent ligand range.

Download pdf



Product Update - Spring 2015Product update

Our most recent product update - includes listings of new and key products, grouped by biological action.

Download pdf of Product Update Spring 2015  - GBP
Download pdf of Product Update Spring 2015  -EURO
Download pdf of Product Update Spring 2015  - USD