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Product overview

  • Name
    QNZ 46
  • Short description
    GluN2C/D selective, non-competitive NMDA receptor antagonist
  • Biological description
    GluN2C/D (NR2C/NR2D) selective, non-competitive NMDA receptor antagonist (IC50 values are 182, 193,7.1 and 3.9 µM for GluN2A, GluN2B, GluN2C and GluN2D respectively). Binds to glutamate site. Approx 50-fold more selective for GluN2C/D than GluN2A/B.
  • Biological action
  • Purity
  • Citations


  • Chemical name
    4-[6-Methoxy-2-[(1E)-2-(3-nitrophen yl)ethenyl]-4-oxo-3(4H)quinazolinyl]benzoic acid
  • Molecular Weight
  • Chemical structure
    QNZ 46  [1237744-13-6]
  • Molecular Formula
  • CAS Number

Storing and Using Your Product

  • Storage instructions
    room temperature
  • Solubility overview
    soluble in DMSO (10mM, gentle warming)
  • Important
    This product is for RESEARCH USE ONLY and is not intended for therapeutic or diagnostic use. Not for human or veterinary use.

References for QNZ 46

  • Structural and mechanistic determinants of a novel site for noncompetitive inhibition of GluN2D-containing NMDA receptors.

    Hansen KB et al (2011) J Neurosci 31(10) : 3650-61.
    PubMedID: 21389220
  • Quinazolin-4-one derivatives: A novel class of noncompetitive NR2C/D subunit-selective NMDA receptor antagonists.

    Mosley CA et al (2010) J Med Chem 53(15) : 5476-90.
    PubMedID: 20684595
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