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G protein coupled receptors

G-protein-coupled receptors (also known as GPCRs, transmembrane receptors, or 7-TM receptors), are integral membrane proteins that contain seven membrane-spanning domains (helices). They are coupled to heterotrimeric G proteins on the intracellular side of the cell membrane. Ligand binding causes a conformational change in the GPCR, that is then transmitted to the G protein, activating a signal transduction pathway. GPCRs include acetycholine muscarinic, adenosine, GABAB, and histamine receptors, and the metabotropic glutamate receptors (Group I, Group II and Group III). Researchers can save up to 50% on GPCR receptor agonists, antagonists and allosteric modulators from Hello Bio - they are up to half the price of other suppliers.

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    Selective, irreversible P2Y12 receptor antagonist

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  2. MRS 2578(HB1966)


    Potent, selective P2Y6 receptor antagonist

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